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Slow fashion

As a brand, we aspire to make sure that we go way beyond just being another sustainable label in the market. We really want our impact in the world to be showcased, do our part for a greener planet, and demonstrate the ways in which small choices can really make a difference. We want our brand to be a true embodiment of “Slow Fashion", taking into consideration all aspects of our supply chain and production and provide the upmost respect for the people involved the environment and the animals. Every collection will be a dedication to one of these components and a percentage of all the sales will go back a charity that supports this cause. We want to shine a light on some issues that may not be immediately obvious but still very crucial and vital. As the majority of our production is done in Indonesia, we are striving for ultimate transparancy and awareness for how the Slow Fashion movement should be a concept adopted by everyone in this industry.

We want to be able to empower all our customers to be the
change we want to see in the world and take one step closer to being who they’ve always dreamt to be. For many, tackling certain issues may seem out of their reach, or often feel like they cannot make a true difference, but all it takes is a few small concious choices spread out over a large community.

  • Ethically made

  • Limited quantity

  • 78% Recycled Polyester

  • Produced locally

SunDaze Surf sustainability journey wash bag

No plastic

One of the biggest things we are striving for is to eliminate all material that only adds to the waste problem. Recycling can only do so much as products end up being rediscarded and doing nothing but reinserting itself in a vicious cycle. Our goal is to go completely plastic free with regards to anything within the SunDaze supply chain. We want all our products to have a purpose which is why we have included a dust bag that can have multiple purposes. Intended for use as storage, laundry bag or travel organizer. The possibilities are endless, all it takes is a little creativity.

Sustainably and ethically made
  • island getaways blog post SunDaze Surf
    island getaways blog post SunDaze Surf

    Island getaways

    Some of our top tips of you were ever looking for a quick getaway from Bali. Some of the sister islands are so close, yet can make you feel miles away from all the bustling chaos of Bali. They are perfect for day trips or even a cheeky little weekend getaway. You will actually be mesmerised by the beauty and landscapes that are surrounding you. These are the following SunDaze Weekend getaway spots to check out.

  • IDEP Foundation Indonesia, Bali Water Protection Program, tree planting
    IDEP Foundation Indonesia, Bali Water Protection Program, tree planting

    1 % for charity

    Chapter one is dedicated to "The People". Having our manufacturers located in Bali, we saw it only fitting to find a charity that was striving to help the very people who helped us make our dream come true. For this collection, we will be partnering with the IDEP Foundation and working on the Bali Water Protection program. 1% of all our sales for this collection will be dedicated to building wells all over Bali. Click below to learn more about IDEP and the BWP program.

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    top 3 surf apps blog post SunDaze Surf

    Top 3 Surf apps

    There is no one size fits all even with surfing and checking out what the waves are up to. Sometimes forecasts say one thing and then you end up getting ready for a Sesh only to be left a little disappointed by what I’d infront of you. Here are some of our recommendations and some one the apps we like to use the most.