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Our mission is simple: empower “The People” who make it possible. Without their unwavering hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be here. But we’re not stopping there. We wanted to dive deeper into Bali’s critical issues that you wouldn’t read about in the headlines. This is how we came across the IDEP Foundation. 

IDEP is a force for change, focusing on sustainable development through permaculture and disaster management. For over a decade, they've brought practical programs and education to communities in need across Indonesia. One project that struck a chord with us is the "Bali Water Protection program." As ocean lovers, it's a cause close to our hearts.

Did you know that 60% of Bali's water catchments are drying up, allowing saltwater to invade aquifers? IDEP is on a mission to reverse this crisis, recharging the island's aquifers and building freshwater resilience.

The Bali Water Protection program calls upon spiritual, political, and economic leaders to raise awareness about the alarming decline of freshwater. Aquifer recharge or replenishment is a method trialed and proven successful if implemented by the IDEP, they have developed technology that aims to recharge wells by rainwater in order to ensure future water sovereignty.

The Bali Water Protection has three main areas in which donations could be invested;

  1.  Adopting a well - building recharge wells across the islands in order to replenish freshwater supply by collecting rain-water.
  2.  Adopting a river - providing material for an educational program aimed at empowering children in schools through a river-themed educational programs.
  3.  Adopt water - Spreading awareness through impactful social media and press campaigns to reach as many people as possible.

We're determined to make a difference, and we need your support. By purchasing our products, you contribute directly to building a well in Bali. Follow us on social media to witness the positive impact your donation has on the cause.

Watch our video below to learn more about IDEP Foundation's inspiring work and see the Bali Water Protection program in action. 

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