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Do you feel a bit stuck with your surfing? Are you experiencing fear or anxiety in the water? Or maybe a past scary incident is holding you back? Do not despair, you are not alone and the good news is we can help! Come join us at our SURF CONFIDENCE WORKSHOP on the 21st of July facilitated by Psychotherapist and Surf Confidence Coach Danni Unway

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other kindred surf spirits and chat all things surf! You’ll be able to identify what your own blockers or barriers might be and develop a tool box of surf confidence tips and techniques to take with you to your next surf session! 

Date: 21 July 12pm CET

Does that time not work for you? Please let us know! We might schedule a second session


INCLUDES: 2-2.5 hour online group workshop


Limited spots available

Meet Danni

Danni is a qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Surf Coach living in Newquay, UK. She first started surfing in her 30s, getting hooked during a holiday in Portugal. Surfing is her ultimate bliss and has changed her life. From being landlocked, to now living by the ocean in Cornwall and working as a surf coach. It has allowed her to live a life of fulfillment she truly never thought was possible and in finding her way to the ocean and surfing, it’s allowed her to find herself as well. 

Through working as a surf coach she found that what holds us back a lot in surfing is mental/emotional, which often doesn’t get addressed when we’re in the water. This compelled Danni to start Surf Confidence workshops, to help other people and to bring together her two passions – Surfing and Human Behaviour.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The mental / emotional side of surfing
  • Share experiences of our struggles (and wins!)
  • Mental blocks 
  • ‘The Fear’
  • Crowd anxiety 
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Scary incident recovery 

Tools and techniques include mindfulness / present moment awareness, positive visualisations, gentle goal setting, identifying barriers and steps to overcome them and many more! 

The workshop will be jam-packed with value and Danni has been super kind to offer us a special rate of $25 USD per participant for our community

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