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Founder of SunDaze surf wearing a checkered bikini and smiling into the camera

Celebrating a Year Around the Sun: Our One-Year Anniversary!

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of SunDaze Surf, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon together. What started as a dream is now a thriving reality, and it's all thanks to you, our loyal customers and supporters from all over the world.

In just one short year, SunDaze has made its mark in the world of sustainable surf swimwear. We've connected with amazing individuals from all over the world and your support has been nothing short of incredible.

We’ve launched 11 incredible pieces, are stocked in our dream surf store Drifter in Bali (at both locations!) and have been working hard to do our part for a greener planet. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, we understand the impact of the fashion industry and are committed to being part of the solution.

SunDaze is more than just swimwear; it's a community. We've built a blossoming surf community on Facebook that is growing every day, bringing together like-minded people who share our passion for the ocean and sustainable living. Connecting with you, both on-and offline, and hearing your stories has been incredibly rewarding.

One of the most heartwarming moments for me is seeing people proudly wearing our surf suits. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication we’ve put into creating beautiful, high-quality, and sustainable products that empower you to express your unique self. The collaboration and positive feedback we've received have been in perfect alignment with our goals, and I couldn't be happier.

Looking ahead to the next year, I'm filled with excitement about the possibilities. We have exciting collaborations in the pipeline, new products in development, new stockists lined up and plans for creating even more amazing content for you. I'm confident that SunDaze will continue to grow and evolve, thanks to your unwavering support.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible team members who work tirelessly behind the scenes. They are dedicated partners, and I am immensely grateful to have gathered a wonderful team that shares my passion and dedication.

As we sail into our second year, I invite you to continue this incredible journey with us. Together, we can make waves in the world of sustainable surf swimwear and build a community that celebrates the beauty of the ocean while protecting it for future generations.

Thank you for being a part of SunDaze Surf's first year, and here's to many more sun-soaked, sustainable adventures together.

x Manon

P.s. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for us? Our mailbox is always open!


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