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Fabric care

We want your SunDaze items to last a long time, so here is a little care guide with tips on how to keep your items looking fresh.

Click on the image to view the guides for the different types of fabric. Carvico Vita is our swimwear fabric and Organic Cotton is what we use for our tees.

General tips


We are dedicated to doing our part for a greener planet, but clothing production will always have an impact on our planet. That's why we strive to make high-quality pieces that will last. We encourage you to consider your purchase and only buy pieces that you need or know that you will love and use for a long time. If you did end up buying a product that you're not getting a lot of wear out of, consider recycling it or selling it to someone else.


We hope that you will love wearing your SunDaze items and that they last a long time. To ensure that, you need to take good care of them. Wash according to our instructions, be gentle with the fabric and fix it when it's broken. If you have any issues or questions about your SunDaze items, you can always contact us. Either by email or by sending us a DM on Instagram.


Most of our products are best stored folded in your closet. Make sure to maintain good ventilation and avoid chucking them under large piles of clothing.


Always check the care label for care instructions to care for your garments and avoid unnecessary shrinking or damage. Do not wash more than necessary, we often wash our garments more than needed and every wash wears on the item and fades its color. Instead of washing, only rinse your surf wear, or air out your tees by hanging them outside in the fresh air. Alternatively, you can use a steamer to freshen up your surf apparel (not your surf swimwear), and spot treat stains.

We always recommend to hand wash your items, since it's much more gentle.

To keep the prints and colours as vibrant as possible, wash your garments inside out and with similar colours.

When you wash your clothes we encourage you to find a gentle and environmentally friendly detergent without bleach to avoid bleach stains and unnecessary damage to the fibers. Please also skip fabric-softener. Fabric softeners often contain petroleum-based chemicals which can be harmful to aquatic life once washed down the drain, petroleum-based chemicals are not easily biodegradable.


Tumble drying is a big no no! Find a nice shady spot to air dry your SunDaze items inside out after washing.

Treat your items with care and they will last you a long time. Happy washing!